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Mole Masters is a professional, local and family-owned pest control company that is here to serve you. Your yard and home are what we focus on. Whether it be moles, gophers, armadillos, mosquitos, or any other pest causing your home or yard grief, we have the fix.

Mole Masters' owner, Michael Farnham, has been in the pest control industry for 19 years. What started as a "job to get by" ended up being a great passion for Michael. After several years of working in the industry, Michael began to notice a real epidemic of moles and gophers in the East Texas area. Mole and gopher programs were provided at his place of employment, but no products were ever able to truly control these pests despite what the manufacturer claimed on the labeling.

In 2011, Michael started Mole Masters. With the intent to help people take back their yard, a solution was developed and a business was born. Since then, Mole Masters has helped literally thousands of customers throughout Texas, take back their lawns and outdoors again, using its highly developed trapping programs and state of the art misting systems.

Regardless of whether it's mosquitoes biting you outside, critters wrecking your yard, or pests inside taking over, Mole Masters will help you TAKE IT BACK.

Mole Masters is fully insured and can take care of your residential or commercial problems today. No job is too small.

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