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Structural Pest Control, Tyler, East Texas

Pests are unwanted plants, animals, insects, germs or other organisms that interfere with human activity. They may bite, destroy food crops, damage property, or otherwise make our lives more difficult. Extermination is often the solution.

Our Experience in Structural Pest Control Services:


We pre-treat commercial properties and residential structures in East Texas for termites before they are a problem. If we're too late for a pre-treatment, we can exterminate a live infestation. State of the art products allow us to kill the pests in your house and prevent new termites from entering for 10+ years.


We use time tested spider and mosquito system and cutting edge products. Also non poison glue boards are very helpful inside your home or structure to catch what is still living.

Ants & Cockroaches

We treat with time tested non repellant technology and state of the art pest baits. Our pest control programs are designed to eliminate not only what you can see, but also what you can’t.

Bees & Wasps

Green and non-green methods, or beekeeper referrals. In extreme cases we come out and eradicate whatever bees and wasps are present!


State of the Art Mosquito Systems by MistAway and monthly treatments are offered to Tyler Texas area customers. Our skillful design of the system along with cutting edge development from MistAway will eliminate 98% of your mosquito and spider problems.


Knock-Em dead products with Innovative Insect Growth Regulators, we are the best company to eliminate a flea infestation at your house.


East Texas has plenty of rodents and we can take care of many different rodent infestations, including mice and rats. A rodent infestation can cause many issues in the home, including furniture damage, structural damage, and soiled food. We have many treatment options available for our Tyler Texas folks, including mice traps and rat baits, to ensure that your house is rodent free.

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