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After fighting moles for literally years with Ex-Lax, Juicy Fruit, smoke bombs, repellents, water, ammonia-bleach mix, traps and lots of cursing, we were at wits' end. Only the traps worked and then only once or twice. Then we hired Michael. He's honest, he works hard at his job, and best of all, he does what he says he'll do: he kills moles and gophers. 

-Les. B

Great business with immediate results. Very responsible and dependable. Great service at a low cost. I recommend this business to everyone in the Tyler Texas area. 


We had tried many commercial methods to get rid of the gophers. All to no avail. These guys came out and in one treatment they got rid of them all. Ifnyou want your problem solved call Mole Masters. 


After I wasted my time and efforts trying to do it myself, Mole Masters came out and took care of business. No more holes and mounds from the gophers. Very happy with the service. I recommend them and will use them again when needed.

-Tim A.

Because of the droughts, I'm assuming, looking for water the moles and gophers destroyed my yard. I was at my wits end. I saw an add on the back of a little vw car and I called the number. The young "mole-master" met me the next morning in my front yard. He set a trap and he and I walked to the side of the yard discussing cost, ect. After about 15 minutes, we walked back around ti where he had set the first trap. I couldn't believe my eyes, he had already trapped a big fat mole. The "master of the moles" offered to not charge me for the 1st mole since I had not authorized him setting the trap. Heck no I paid and I have NO problem paying the minimal fee to get my yard back! Thanks again! 

-Glenda R.

Professionals, exceed your expectations. Michel & team know how to do it, professionally, with a smile and explain everything. We couldnt be happier. Book them today. TAKE YOUR YARD BACK! 

-Ralph S.

If you are about to give up on getting rid of moles, call Mole Masters. They could also be called "Gopher Masters" because they are just as good at getting rid of those little pests. Very good and very dependable. Highly recommended. 

-Wayne T.

We've been dealing with gopher mounds for six months…Michael got rid of them in one day!

-E. Eckert

Just want to express my appreciation to Michael. For the first time in years, I have come home to no new gopher mounds in my yard! Working on the moles and soon, very soon, hope to have use of my yard again. Thanks a bunch!

-Reggie J.

The owner Michael did everything he said he would—was prompt—took care of the issue—communicated frequently—I would highly recommend him to handle.

-L. Wester

Mole Masters did a great job on my lawn and got rid of 4 moles and 1 gopher. Very professional and courteous and would recommend.

-Larry W.

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your prompt attention and kindness regarding an issue I have experienced with Moles and Gophers in my yard. Prior to me contacting your company I had spent several hundreds of dollars on various pesticides and bates hoping to stop these unwanted pests and nothing worked. They had destroyed my yard and made it totally impossible for my elderly father to enjoy being outside.I appreciate your quick response to my phone call and how you took the time to educate and explain to me the method you use that has been most productive to both you and your clients. I have to be honest, I had my doubts after hearing your low quote and guarantee but I am so glad I took the challenge. After seeing the Fantastic Results we had with in 48 hours, I have become your Number 1 Fan, and I have shared your Company Name with many of my friends and family. I personally witnessed you retrieving 5 Gophers and 1 Mole from the numerous traps you had set in my yard, and I feel strongly that you are an expert in your profession. Thank you again for helping me and my family in a time of need, and I am looking forward to doing business with you in the future.

-Kathy P.

When we bought our home last fall, the yard was quite neglected and overcome with gophers. I hired a pest control for insects who also said he was certified to take care of gophers so we tried that route. A few weeks later, the gopher problem was not improving, I called him back and he said that we also had a mole problem, which he was not certified to treat. After researching options and reviews, I called Mole Masters and could not be happier with the results. The initial phone call was informative regarding the process and the kind lady said that Hunter would be coming on a Wednesday and gave me time at which to expect him. Hunter arrived promptly, identified the myriad issues, described how he would treat them and thoroughly explained the types of treatment programs available. After the first week, there was already progress. Each and every week on the scheduled day, Hunter would be here to assess progress, remove what needed to be removed and to answer any questions. It looked like things had finally cleared up after five weeks but Hunter noticed a new burrow and set a new trap. Since then, there has been no further activity. This is such a relief and our neighbors have even commented. I am confident if there are additional problems, it will be dealt with quickly after I make one phone call to Mole Masters. Additionally, it was very nice to have one tech throughout the process although I feel certain that any of the Mole Masters team would do a great job. Sincere thanks!!

-Christa W.

They showed up on time and took care of my mole problem with little damage to my grass in my yard. Call Mole Masters for your gopher and mole problems!

-Stephen D.

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