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Pest Control Services in Lufkin, Texas

Who is the best exterminator in Angelina County? That's simple, it's Mole Masters. Mole Masters is a mole and gopher extermination company serving Lufkin, TX. We are the best pest control company when it comes to moles, pocket gophers, and Mosquito Control Install/Repair.

Mole Extermination and Removal in Lufkin, TX

The best option to remove your new family of moles from your property is trap the varmits and destroy the mole hills. Mole trapping is the most effective way to eliminate mole invasion problems. Traps set by Mole Masters is the best option because we have the equipment, know-how, and guts to take it on.

Gopher Extermination and Removal in Lufkin, TX

Trapping is an extremely effective method of gopher control. Trapping can be done throughout the year but generally is most effective during the spring and fall. As soon as gopher activity is detected, it is important to set traps immediately to catch females before they give birth. Traps set by Mole Masters is the best option. Call us today so we can create solutions for the problem.

Mosquito Control & Mosquito Spray Systems in Lufkin, TX

Maintaining a strong mosquito control program is vital because mosquitoes transmit a variety of microorganisms that may cause human and animal diseases. With as little as two 45 second spray cycles misting at dawn and dusk will guarantee that you Take Your Yard Back. MistAway systems are designed to last for many, many years to come. Click here to learn about MistAway Systems, Outdoor Insect Control.

See Results Within 2 Days

We use reliable mole and gopher traps that have proven to be the best in the business and we usually see positive results in two days. Just ask us and we will show you the nasty moles or gophers we catch. With 15 years of experience in extermination services, Mole Masters will help you take back your yard. Our exterminators offer pelnty of options in Angelina County.

Lufkin, TX Pest Control Services:

  • Mole & Gopher Control - Weekly/Monthly Services
  • Mosquito and Spider Control Systems - Yearly or Quarterly Services
  • Pest Control - One-Time/Monthly/Quarterly Services
  • Termite Treatment - One-Time/Yearly Inspections
  • Wood Destroying Insect Reports (WDIs) - Real Estate Reports
  • Lawn & Ornamental Pest Control - Monthly/Quarterly/Annually

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